Commercial Buildings Fabricated to Perfection

California Modulars a licensed manufacturer and general contractor in the State of California, specializes in fabricated custom modular structures for commercial projects. Allow us to be your dedicated builder and partner for your next commercial projects!

Experienced Modular Fabricators

Modular buildings are constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment, which allows for faster construction times. This is because modules can be built simultaneously while site preparation is underway. Modular buildings can be completed up to 50% faster than traditional buildings.

Quality: Modular buildings are constructed to the same building codes and standards as traditional buildings. However, the factory-controlled environment allows for greater quality control and consistency.

Cost: Modular buildings can be more cost-effective than traditional buildings, especially for large and complex projects.  Modular construction is not directly subject to prevailing wage and project labor agreements since most work is completed in-factory. 

Sustainability: Fabrication in a factory environment is more efficient and less wasteful resulting in a more sustainable construction project rather than traditional site-built construction.

Reduced site disruption: Modular buildings are typically transported to the construction site and assembled on-site, which minimizes disruption to the surrounding areas.

Improved safety: Modular construction is generally safer than traditional construction because it takes place in a controlled factory environment.

Increased predictability: Modular construction projects are typically more predictable than traditional construction projects because the factory-controlled environment allows for greater control over the construction process.

Environmentally Conscious Approaches

We are committed to utilizing sustainable, eco-friendly materials and construction methods, advocating for the right of everyone to enjoy a healthier, higher quality living space. Our modular structures adhere rigorously to California Title 24 and CalGreen guidelines to fulfill this commitment.




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