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Specializing in multi-family residences, California Modulars collaborates with renowned architects, developers, and designers to deliver top-tier, high-quality housing solutions.

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California Modulars, a State of California Housing & Community Development (HCD) certified manufacturer, excels in delivering the highest quality multi-family residential structures. As a full-service, licensed general contractor, family-owned and operated, we prioritize providing the ultimate experience in design options, project management, and turn-key solutions for multi-family projects.

In alignment with our commitment to sustainability, California Modulars commercial structures, including multi-family units, are eligible for LEED certification. Our approach, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and sustainability, minimizes construction waste, site impact, and material exposure, ensuring streamlined, efficient, on-schedule construction that takes months rather than years.

California Modulars is well-equipped to execute and build multi-family projects, leveraging a team with expertise in office, retail, institutional, hospitality, and other commercial endeavors. Our proven track record includes successful partnerships with large commercial contractors on projects currently underway, and we extend our capabilities to various locations throughout the United State.

Modular Construction Methodology

We are fabricating individual building sections, or modules, in a controlled factory environment and then transporting those modules to the construction site for final assembly is our business. 

We develop our own assembly-line techniques in our 100,000 square feet Off-Site Manufacturing Facility located in the heart of Gilroy California. 

Modular units (rooms, sections, or entire floors) are built in a factory setting using controlled conditions, protected from weather delays and site disruptions.  We see to it building materials are stored and managed efficiently, reducing waste.

Our Modules are designed structurally sound to withstand transportation and assembly stresses. Connections between modules are carefully engineered to ensure structural integrity and weather-tightness. Load-bearing elements are designed to accommodate stacking or joining multiple modules.


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California Modulars provides infinitely scalable options with unmatched flexibility, a cost-effective process, and a speedy turnaround. Whether it’s a low-impact outbuilding to help your retail business blossom or a ground-up custom commercial installation, from retreat houses, hotels, and classrooms to functional, modern office spaces, California Modulars offers custom answers at competitive prices.


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