Our commitment and proficiency guarantee the development of outstanding community customized to suit the specific requirements of every city and county planner's undertaking.

California Modulars specializes in the collaboration with renowned architects, developers, and designers to construct structures of superior quality for institution and organization's social endeavor.

Institutional Builder

We depart from conventional on-site construction methods and employ a sustainable and cost-effective strategy that is advantageous to the environment and our clients. By reducing construction waste, site impact, and the potential for material exposure, our expedited process guarantees timely and effective completion in months as opposed to years.

California Modulars is proficient in constructing and implementing projects in collaboration with institutions and organizations. We have successfully partnered with large contractors on projects currently in progress, extending our capabilities, expanded our operational reach to encompass a multitude of locations across the United States.

We are the most experienced builder and manufacturer in the state for California’s HomeKey Grant Program.


Institutional Modular Construction Approach

As a State of California HCD licensed fabricator, we at California Modulars developed a construction methodology that enables rapid deployment and flexibility to facilitate economically viable, superior-quality, cost-effective buildings that allow institutions to scale and adapt in response to the changing demands of each and every constituent and neighborhood within their jurisdiction.

Through the strategic utilization of regional resources and the capacity to tailor solutions to specific needs, our company is capable of tailoring solutions to specific needs, fabricating environmentally friendly buildings, and ultimately delivering transformative structures, not only in the state but also beyond.

We would like to see ourselves standing at the forefront of sustainable construction, embracing the initiatives of non-profit organizations and municipalities to alleviate homelessness and improve housing affordability.

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