Modular Offices

California Modulars is a provider of modular offices that are both efficient and versatile, and they are tailored to meet the requirements of organizations and institutions. By utilizing off-site construction, rapid turnaround, and techniques that are efficient in terms of cost, these structures offer organizations the opportunity to acquire workspace solutions that are both adaptable and of high quality.

Ground Level Office:
GLO 100 & EGLO 100

It is essential for owners of small and medium-sized firms to have office space that is readily available, conveniently extendable, adaptable, and capable of meeting their financial requirements. Mobile offices have the potential to be the ideal answer to this ever-increasing demand.

CALIFORNIA MODULARS is a manufacturer of mobile offices and movable offices to customers all around the state of California.     

We provide a wide selection of mobile office, all of which are designed to meet the requirements of your project and accommodate your budget.



GLO 100

  • Dimension: 8’ x 40’ High Cube 
  • Safe and secure weather resistant work environment 
  • Climate controlled with heating & A/C
  • Cost effective. Standard mobile office set up fees are not required. 
  • Versatile. Easily relocatable on site 
  • Restroom and interior walls (optional)

EGLO 100


  • Engineered wood exterior with standing seam metal roof
  • Premium interior wall and floor finishes 
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